Tucked away in the heart of Hanningtons Estate on Brighton Place is a real hidden coffee gem. Those in the know describe Point One as “the slick, industrial and stylish coffee spot of the Lanes.” Owner of this speciality espresso bar Ollie Whiting has such a huge passion for coffee that an hour spent chatting to him, his partner Jess and staff has to be one of the nicest ways to spend an hour in Brighton. You are pretty much guaranteed to come away happy with your purchase and with a little bit more knowledge under your belt too.


Ollie comments, “We focus our time and energy on weighing up every single shot at dry and wet weight and ensure it looks and tastes exceptional. If it doesn’t, it gets thrown away and we start again. This is where our brand name originates from – coffee is very specific and every recipe must be followed to 0.1 to the gram to ensure that perfection is consistent.”


Ollie and Jess both started their careers in the restaurant trade, before Jess qualified as a personal trainer. The couple thrives on food and healthy living and have dedicated considerable time to the science and art behind finding the perfect coffee blend.


Ollie adds, “Serving coffee all day as a barista in a fast-paced environment helped me acknowledge my love for coffee but also made me question what makes a good coffee. I took it upon myself to do my own personal research outside of work and spent hours pouring over books and undertaking market research. Basically, I drank A LOT of coffee.


“I also spent time perfecting my latte art which is still something I’m passionate about. We are currently running latte art classes in the evening for groups who want to learn basic or more advanced skills, or even for those who want a different activity to do with their friends and family. It’s a lot of fun!”


Point One has created an environment where you can really experience the coffee and not just drink it and go.  They only use single origin coffee and love to explain the origins and tasting notes, so that people leave 100% happy with both service and product.


Jess is currently working up plans for a juice bar at Point One too. She explains, “We juice a lot ourselves as we follow a reasonably healthy vegan/vegetarian diet. The juice bar is something we hope to introduce very soon!”



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